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A roofer must intervene on my house and asked me to contact EDF to secure the line. The line is above the public highway, according to him this intervention is free by EDF. But after contact both by telephone and by filling the form of intervention EDF, a bill of 400 euros is required to secure the line passing over the road. My roofer continues to assert the opposite, I am a little lost. Is there a clear text... I am in the limbo, who wrongly who is right?

The first question to ask is why your roofer is interested in a part of line that does not pass over your land but is on the public road... A priori, maintenance of it is the responsibility of ERDF, unless a party is overhanging your land, which would make the matter debatable.
In your place, I would ask the passage of an ERDF technician to get more information on their answer...

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