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I arrive at the end of the construction of my house and I asked myself the question: who will pay the water bill? We are 600 km away and it is our architect who takes care of everything. We sent him an email on May 26, 2011 to ask him if he had raised the water meter (for the moment we are at 27 cubic meters and the tiles are not yet installed or the faience) and if he knew who was going to pay the bill and he just answered us (we are the 9th of June) "I would have to confirm to you that you want to pay for the water consumption" and that in 35 years of exercise he had never had case. We have the impression to push the plug too far but it is by consulting your forum that we allowed ourselves to ask him this question. Could you confirm that we are right in claiming and is there any section of the law stating that we can claim this consumption and can we deduct this water bill from the price of the work?

It depends on whether you have opened a construction counter or a definitive meter to your name. If you have a "definitive" meter, the payment of the water bill may be at your expense, in the absence of an agreement and especially a record prior to the work.

However, it is not normally up to you to pay for the water or other consumables needed for construction, although some of the terms of the construction contracts indicate that "the customer will bear the cost of providing water for the purposes of the building. site and fuel required for preheating ". Such a clause is in contradiction with the lump-sum nature of the price as governed by Articles L. 231-1 and R. 231-4 of the Construction Code.

This being the case, the price of water being on average in France from 2 to 4 € per m3, the volume of water necessary for the construction of a house does not generate a tremendous expense compared to its cost of construction. All this may not be worth fighting for...

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