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That's our problem: we have been in our house for 2 years. During the construction, the water box of the neighboring land was damaged but we do not know by whom (a truck, a tractor, a neighbor... ???) We asked the neighbors if they had seen anything but nothing. So we notified our builder and gave his contact information to the owner of the land so that the two get in touch and make use of their insurance. But it seems that nothing has been done. The neighboring land has just been sold (2 years to 2 and a half years after the incident) and now the landowner is asking us to report to him. He carried out the repair work of the box without notifying us and has just sent us the invoice which amounts to 705 €. We have not signed any estimate to give our agreement. And we suspect the owner to just want to recover money because the work was made visibly black (a Saturday morning by himself and one of his friend entrepreneur who sends us his bill) We would like to know what recourse we have because we do not want to pay for what we are not responsible for. In addition, he threatened to not give us the bond we gave to the notary when selling the land if we do not pay.

A priori, one is in no case responsible for the damage caused on a ground which is not his, except to be able to prove the opposite.
Reading the triggering of events suggests that your builder (or companies) would eventually be responsible for the disorders caused. You must therefore send this "invoice" to your builder. You are not affected by this problem and do not have to pay anything.

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