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We bought an apartment in a house that was divided in two. This house was built in 1920. We have a very big moisture problem, when we got in there was no aeration, so we created them taking care not to position them anywhere, we have aired for months hoping that it dries but not at all, we have moisture in all rooms but mainly in the kitchen and bathroom. We would like to deal with the problem but do not know at all which way to turn. Could you inform us?

The problems described may have several causes: a house that is too watertight, a house with little or no insulation, rising dampness through the walls or the floor.
If this house was divided in two, it would be interesting to check if the other part of the house knows the same problems, with comparable amenities, it can help to research causes.
Whatever the cause, seek the advice of a company specializing in insulation, ventilation or moisture treatment. It can be a heating engineer (for ventilation), a thermist (for heating and insulation). We can also ask the opinion of an architect, a construction economist, a design office... who can bring a more comprehensive approach, then guide to a specific trade.

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