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The frame is the backbone of your home: it holds your walls and your roof. It is in this sense recommended to regularly inspect it to check its good condition. Why and when to renovate your carpentry? Explanation.

What do we call renovation of framework?

A wooden frame has a long life. But you may have to renovate it, in whole or in part, for several reasons. There is a set of natural causes linked to wood aging and elements such as wear, weather and water infiltration resulting from it, insects and the development of other plant diseases. Beyond these natural causes can also be added desires and projects of work: creation of a skylight, development of the roofs lost, elevation of roofing... For all these projects, we speak also of renovation of framework.

When do you have to intervene to renovate a carpentry?

In principle, the need to renovate a framework occurs only every 20 to 30 years. Many elements can however damage a wooden frame: humidity and bad weather, insects and pests, etc. A regular inspection, interior and exterior, of the frame is thus recommended to check its good state and to prevent a possible intervention.

The complexity of the work to undertake during the renovation of the frame forces you, or at least persuades you, to appeal to a professional carpenter or craftsman. A professional is of course more qualified to observe the structure and measure the damage, and to establish an accurate and complete diagnosis. Nothing prevents you to call several professionals and compare diagnostics, quotes and offers.

What is the budget for renovating a carpentry?

The budget to renovate a structure depends on several elements:

  • the technicality of the renovation and the works to put in place
  • the materials
  • the cost of the items to be replaced
  • Workforce
  • the possible cost of a suitable treatment (fungicide, water repellent, etc.)

Prices vary also according to the state of the frame: the more the frame is in poor condition, the higher the price of intervention and renovation. Reason why it is important to call several professionals, and evaluate the proposals.

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