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Choosing a laminate floor is above all choosing a coating for its aesthetic criteria, but also for its ease of implementation and its cost...

Why choose and install laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring kings of imitation

Laminate flooring kings of imitation

Incorrectly compared with massive or laminated parquet because of their nobility and their warm character, all laminate coatings have some arguments to make. Apart from the rates (up to 4 times cheaper than a parquet), the countless sets make these coatings unavoidable. They perfectly imitate wood species to their texture and hue (natural, gray, bleached, aged, etc.).
This is due to their composition. On their support layer of medium or high density panel is deposited a decorative sheet protected by a protective layer. The unique presence of synthetic material and manufacturing techniques make it possible to obtain smooth or raised surfaces whose maintenance proves to be much less restrictive than parquet floors. They resist water as well as common household products and remain less sensitive to abrasion and scratches. Note that in the presence of an acoustic sub-layer, the noise-shock will be almost equivalent to that of a wooden product.

A simple floor covering

Offered mostly in strips and sometimes in slabs, laminate coatings are all equipped with an assembly system for floating installation. These "clips", present on all sides, ensure easy implementation and without risk of seeing the blades (or slabs) deviate under the effect of heat for example. Another advantage, they remain compatible with all types of underfloor heating!

Choose a laminate floor according to the room

All laminates can not find their place in every room of a home! Depending on their composition and thickness, some are suitable for installation in the rooms while others can dress an entrance. To find your way, take into account their class of use. For the house, they are three in number (21, 22 and 23):
• Class 21 coatings are suitable for areas of poor passage such as rooms or corridors without access to the outdoors.
• Class 22 coatings can be used in living rooms or entrance halls without direct access to the outside,
• Class 23 coatings are products dedicated to heavy traffic areas with external access.
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Be careful, these classes do not take into account their compatibility with wet rooms. In this case, the coating must be specifically developed to resist splashing water.

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