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On your November 15 broadcast, your guest indicated that as of August 2015, only condensing boilers could be installed? Other types of boilers (ht Yield,...) will no longer be allowed, is the consequence of the application of the law on the "energy transition". The consumer will no longer be able to choose the type of equipment that suits his installation? In the same way as incandescent lamps banned now. We are today in a constrained society, even the mistakes made by our leaders must be applied? Thank you for your response, I have the project to replace 2 gas boilers over 15 years in the next 2 years and I know that the technique of condensation would not be profitable for my installation.

As of August 1, 2015, the European Energy Related Product (ERP) directive will impose performance levels such that practically only condensing boilers will be able to meet the standard. The installation of low temperature gas boilers with suction cup will be prohibited. Low temperature boilers on chimneys can only be installed if they are on a collective duct (which de facto eliminates individual boilers of this type).

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