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The roller shutter, commonly called roller shutter, dresses windows and doors of homes. There are multiple winding systems that fit all types of windows in new or retrofit. Overview of different models...

The installation of shutters in facade

The front panel is positioned on the top of the window. This installation has two main advantages: brightness and invisible box of the interior of the room. On the outside, the shutter can blend and harmonize with the front of the house by choosing a suitable color.

The installation of rolling shutters in table

In this case, the box is inserted under the lintel in the table of the window. There are two installation techniques:

1- Outside: laying in tunnel

If the winding of the shutter is outside, it is a pose in tunnel. The box is on the window side, inside the lintel and the shutter slides and unfolds all along the window. The mechanism is then accessible from the outside when the deck is lowered.

2- Inside: laying under lintel

If the winding of the shutter is inside, it is a pose under lintel. The box is located on the front and the shutter runs along the wall. This system leaves a space between the window and the shutter that allows to close it without any hindrance even with an outside handle on the window. Once the flap down, we can access the mechanism from the inside. However, there is a constraint to this installation: the depth of the wall must be greater than the size of the box.

Integral integrated roller shutter

This type of shutter, also called traditional shutter, is generally used in new constructions. As its name indicates, it is integrated, that is to say that the box and the rails are inserted in the walls and masonry and they are not visible. In addition, the aesthetic side, the integrated shutter monobloc also allows better insulation.

Compact integrated roller shutter

This type of winding of a shutter is ideal as part of a renovation. Indeed, its installation does not require major work, no resumption of carpentry and the trunk can be installed either inside or outside the room.

Winding a shutter: manual or motorized?

A manual winding is of course less practical than an electric winding but it is less expensive. Each to choose according to the location of the window, its priorities and its budget. There are several manual windings: mechanism by strap, crank or direct pull.

The motorized winding provides real comfort. It is also possible to improve existing shutters by simply installing a motor. One can choose the opening from a wall switch or, better, through a remote control that can open and close the shutter remotely.

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