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Installing a wind turbine in your garden is becoming more and more widespread and is even becoming a trendy concept, whether in rural areas or in urban areas. In fact, in addition to representing an ecological commitment, it makes it possible to produce all or part of the electricity that a home needs. However, this type of installation must be done in a specific context. Explanations.

A wind turbine in my garden is possible, but not just any

While there is a wide range of domestic wind turbines on the market, not all models are equivalent and designed to be installed in the garden, such as roof turbines. Thus, it is necessary to move towards a horizontal wind turbine or a vertical axis wind turbine. The first, more efficient, is preferred in rural areas, while the second, more aesthetic and more discreet, is better suited to urban and residential areas.

After preparation of the ground, they are anchored directly in the ground and rest on a mast whose size varies between 10 and 35 meters high.

A wind turbine in my garden is possible, provided you have the necessary surface area

Again, installing a wind turbine in your garden is possible provided that your land is a relatively large area, this kind of equipment, and particularly the horizontal axis models, being generally implanted on large properties.

Moreover, in addition to the size of your garden, any trees that are present must also be taken into account in the development of your project because they can slow down the wind speed and therefore the performance of your wind turbine.

Other precautions to take to install a wind turbine in my garden

Finally, to install a wind turbine in your garden, you must first inform yourself beforehand on the planning rules applicable to your property, to ensure that there is no prohibition to this kind of installation in your living area.

On the other hand, you must inquire to inform your neighborhood within a radius of about 500 meters in particular, because they can consider your wind turbine as a visual and noise nuisance. In addition, the legislation provides in some cases a neighborhood survey before allowing this type of equipment.

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