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How not to be wrong when we have to choose windows and we want quality? Labels and standards are a great way to invest safely and ensure the performance and durability of a window. The Acotherm standard makes it possible to compare the different thermal and acoustic insulation capacities of joinery and guarantees their level of quality.

What is the Acotherm standard?

The Acotherm standard is a national standard, issued by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Building Center). It is used to measure the insulation properties of exterior woodwork such as windows, French windows, sliding windows, roof windows or doors.

The joinery must meet the technical requirements of thermal and sound insulation to benefit from it. With this standard, you can then compare the qualities of different products regardless of their opening system (French window, tilt and turn, sliding...).

How does one recognize the Acotherm label? This logo is easily identifiable thanks to its large blue 'A' and a small red 't' separated by a white gap with the indication Acotherm just below. The marking is located directly on the window for easy identification.

Window and thermal insulation

The insulating performance of the windows is calculated according to heat transfer coefficient Uw, the lowest number corresponding to the best result. The Acotherm standard classifies them as 6 groups from Th6 to Th11the higher the Th, the better the performance.

But it is not always necessary to choose the highest indication. Indeed, the choice is made according to the dwelling, its geographical situation and bad weather.

Window and sound insulation

Acotherm also measures the performance of joinery against noise.

Depending on the level of decibels (dB), joinery is ranked from Ac1 to Ac4. The value Ac1 corresponds to a sound reduction of 28 decibels and Ac4 to a maximum attenuation of 40 decibels. The calculation takes into account the presence or absence of an air inlet.

As for the thermal insulation, we choose the degree of performance of the window according to the needs, according to whether we live in a street overlooking a busy road or in the countryside.

The benefits of the Acotherm label

The Acotherm standard allows you to choose windows that are both economical and environmentally friendly. In fact, good insulation has the advantage of maintaining heat in the home and thus saving energy, which is both a gesture for the planet and relief for the heating bill. In the list of labels, one also finds the standard AEV "Air - Water - Wind" which makes it possible to measure the quality of the joinery of a window in the face of bad weather.

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