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The dome window allows light to enter surfaces directly under a flat roof or at a very low slope. Attic, or converted mezzanine, it makes up for the lack of openings that would be too small. Light on these fixed or controllable devices.

Cupola window, features

With a transparent surface vaulted, the dome window allows to bring in the daylight, in a more or less blind surface. Its dome-shaped structure allows a maximum of light reflection.

Its forms differ depending on the style of your home. The dome window can be square, rectangular, round or pyramid
It exists in standard dimensions of 60 × 60 cm to 150 × 150 cm, but can also be considered in tailor-made.

The materials who compose it are also very varied to suit all budgets. Plexiglass is one of the cheapest, with the disadvantage of a tendency to scratch and offer no burglar-proof security.

Polycarbonate is a bit more expensive, but more secure. However, its transparency coefficient is slightly lower than that of plexiglass (92%). For added security, it can be combined with a laminated glass.

The laminated glazing consisting of two sheets of glass surrounded by a plastic film is ideal. It lets show a maximum of light while being sure. Indeed, the splinters of glass, in case of a possible shock, remain maintained thanks to this plastic film. This prevents the risk of splinter-related injuries and makes it easy to replace the glass.

Cupola window, the benefits

The dome window can be fixed, serving only to bring in light. When it is equipped with an opening system sometimes manual with hooks or controllable from a remote control or even a mobile phone, it also allows to ventilate the space.

To know:

  • Some models are programmable and allow to automatically trigger the ventilation of the room.
  • The options play of course on the price, as the coefficient of thermal insulation Ug or acoustic noted Rw of the glazing. In addition, the installation of a blackout blind, if it is a guest room or a simple store to simply protect from the sun, are as many "more" that you have to define and to bring in your total budget.

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