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A skylight is an excellent solution to bring brightness to the attic of a house or to give the stamp to a facade. Skylights come in many models to adapt to the needs and aesthetics sought. You should know that the installation of a skylight requires professional skills because it is necessary to integrate the skylight to the roof.

2 Jacobine dormers installed on a roof

2 Jacobine dormers installed on a roof

The skylight: a skylight for the roof

The skylight, which is also known as "seated dog" or "bull's eye", is essential to bring light in the attic, an attic, a room of good...

It is also an aesthetic choice with classic models for older homes and more design and modern for facades of contemporary style. The models also come in a wide range of different colors, choice of materials (PVC, aluminum, wood) and types of glazing. The installation of a skylight on the roof gives a panoramic view of the exterior and an impression of a larger space in the room.

Choose a skylight

There are many models available like:

  • The skylight Jacobine with two slopes that meet at the top of a square skylight,
  • The Capucine skylight with three slopes (two on the sides and one on the front),
  • The skylight Meunière is in line with the facade and opens directly on the void,
  • The dormer window is located in a recess of the roof with a solid surface to place objects with sometimes a guardrail for security reasons,
  • The domed skylight to a rounded shape on the top,
  • The bull's-eye dormer is round or oval...

And the list is far from being exhaustive, because there are many other possibilities still like the skylight with guitar, the skylight with curved plays, the skylight in trapeze, etc...

Before installing a skylight, it is recommended to learn about the standards to be respected for each region, especially for classified houses.

Professional installation of a skylight

The installation of a skylight may require an opening in the roof and in this case requires a building permit.

It is necessary to call on a craftsman confirmed because certain rules are to be respected. For example the installation of a skylight can only be done on a roof with a slope of 30° minimum or depending on the position of the skylight on the roof, it is necessary to provide the place of the gutter.

Given the location of this type of window, the seal must be perfect to prevent water infiltration or heat loss. We must first determine the best location and then open the framework and replace the cover (tile, slate...) without forgetting to redo all the insulation without thermal bridges.

Video Instruction: How To Make A Skylight