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The frame of a wooden window tends to deform and let drafts flow. PVC frames can also give signs of fatigue. While the joints that seal the windows are not eternal. Here are some tips to fix it. And the key to saving energy.

Immediate solutions for small leaks

The choice of insulating materials for caulking a window depends on the size of the interstices. To begin, feel where the wind is coming from. Pass your hand between the frame and the window sill. If you feel a breath of air, you must intervene. If you do not feel anything with your hand, try using a tissue to see if it is swinging in one direction or another.

When the spaces that let in the air are rather thin, and located in the frame of the window or around the glazing, choose the silicone. This solution is effective because it is a soft material, waterproof and a good adhesion.

To draw beautiful joints, it is enough to delimit the surface to be treated with adhesive tape. Then apply, with regular pressure, a silicone tape. To flatten it, use a thin blade or a smooth plastic loyalty card. Open the windows well for laying and drying. Once the silicone is dry, cut the burrs with the cutter and remove the adhesive strips with a decided gesture.

If the space between the sash and leaf permits, you may prefer self-adhesive foam seals that add material. Knowing that this solution is less durable. It is especially valid for windows that are not opened too often.

Long-term solutions for isolating a window

If you find that leaks come from the glazing, especially when it is a double glazing, remember that it has a life of about 10 years. The gas contained between the two glass sheets evaporating little by little. In this case, change the entire glazing.

Trick: there are transparent insulating films. It suffices to apply two successive layers on the glass, thinking to cover the amounts. The installation is thorough but the instructions are there to guide you.

If you see that the wood of the frame is noticeably hollow, fill the gaps with wood pulp. Let dry and sand carefully. Then simply repaint the frame with a suitable protective paint, for indoor or outdoor.

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