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Want to bring light into your room! It is not always necessary to have a window with a conventional opening system to brighten and illuminate a room. Not very known, the installation of a window on fixed chassis is however a simple solution which settles everywhere and brings a not insignificant gain of place.

Installing a fixed chassis window

Installing a fixed chassis window

The principles of a fixed frame window

This window consists of a glass inserted into a chassis that does not open.

Aside from its system that allows no opening, the window on fixed chassis is more or less identical to other windows. One can choose its type of glazing (single, double...) and an installation on many supports (roof, wall bearing or not...). It is available in several materials (wood, aluminum, PVC), colors, shapes, styles and sizes to meet market demands and integrate into any interior.

Of course, the installation of a fixed frame window meets the same rules of squareness, measurement and sealing as other conventional opening windows. That's why it's safer to hire a professional to set it up.

Or can we install a window on fixed chassis?

The answer is simple: in all places where you want to bring in the light. It will still provide another source of ventilation because this window has no opening.

This type of window is welcome in a hall, a corridor or a stairwell. The fixed frame can also serve as a separation between two rooms, for example between a kitchen and a living room. The glazed part can be integrated into a wall and allows a better visibility from one to the other room.

Thanks to this window system, it is possible to provide personalized arrangements. For example, to improve the privacy of a bathroom you can combine a conventional window and a fixed frame window underneath. It allows to bring a skylight in inaccessible places in height or in a room located under the roofs.

The advantages of fixed-frame windows

Choosing a fixed-frame window saves both brightness, space and price.

For the same dimension, the installation of a window on a fixed frame, without the opening structures, offers a larger glazed area and the possibility to bring more light into the room. It can also be used to reinforce existing casement windows.

The fixed frame also makes it possible to gain a few square meters since there is no room for the opening of the leaves.

And the good surprise is the price, it is among the cheapest! Fewer door frames, no opening system, smaller amounts justify a cheaper cost.

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