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A triple glazed window

A triple glazed window

How to reconcile economy and ecology? Answer: triple glazing! Indeed, renovating its windows by installing triple glazing can reduce its energy bill while preserving the planet! Windows are the main cause of heat loss, the glazing chosen is very important. Opting for a triple glazed window brings many benefits such as better sound and heat insulation, increased security and value for your home.

Triple glazing: how does it work?

Glass is not a very good insulator and increasing its thickness is not enough. This is why techniques have been developed to compensate for this lack of performance.

The principle of triple glazing is create insulation between the outside and the inside by superimposing three layers of glass and leaving a space between each of them. This space is filled either by air or by more efficient noble gases that have better thermal resistance such as argon, xenon or krypton. The whole is totally hermetic and waterproof for a minimum of thermal variation.

Triple glazed window: the technique

The performance of a triple glazed window is measured according to two criteria: the coefficients of thermal transmission of the glazing (Ug) and the window (Uw). The lower these two coefficients, the greater the thermal insulation performance. The regulation recommends a coefficient Ug less than or equal to 2. The triple glazing is between 0.6 and 1.

Theinstallation of triple glazing is quite simple and fits on any type of woodwork (wood, aluminum, PVC...) but the finishes must be very neat (seal, frame, frame).

Combining energy saving and comfort of life

It is difficult to calculate the exact performance of a triple glazing because it depends on several criteria:

  • the gas used between the different layers of glass,
  • the quality and tightness of the window joinery,
  • thehouse insulation,
  • its orientation...

Some triple vitrag window modelse have obtained the mention "passive habitat" which distinguishes the lowest energy consumption.

A failing glazing is 5 to 30% increase on the heating bill! Triple glazing can reduce consumption provided that the housing package is adapted, so it is essential to make an energy balance of the house before considering work.

Triple glazed window: expert opinion

The installation of a triple glazed window requires a financial investment but can be quickly offset by energy savings performed. It is also possible, under certain conditions, to obtain a tax credit or a subsidy from the region through a professional.

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