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The anti-reflective glazing is a glass that has undergone a specific treatment in order to eliminate all reflections. This type of window gives the advantage of a perfect vision on the external or internal environment because the eyes are not bothered by the reverberation of the light or the sun.

Window with anti-reflective glazing

Window with anti-reflective glazing

What is an anti-reflective glass?

An anti-reflective glazing has been the subject of a special treatment during its manufacture. This one makes disappear the annoying reflections that one finds inevitably on a classic glass. The vision is clearer and we spares glare from the outside light.

The surface of a window with anti-reflective glazing has been covered translucent metal oxides. It is thanks to these layers that the reflection of the light is very much diminished. This device has the dual advantage of being anti-reflective and offering very good insulation.

Uses of anti-reflective glazing

This type of glass is mainly used by professionals who need a very precise vision on the outside or to highlight with clarity the products on display. We find the windows with anti-reflective glass in hospitals, museums, storefronts or control towers.

Today, a growing number of individuals are opting for this investment that allows them to enjoy optimal visibility on what is happening outside. A window with anti-reflective glazing is perfect for a bay window, French window, veranda, greenhouse... It allows to take full advantage of the view of a garden, an idyllic mountain panorama, the sea...

The advantages of an anti-reflective glazing

This type of glass has many advantages. First, the natural colors preserve their authenticity despite the presence of a glass and the contrast is also respected.

Then, because the glass is more transparent, we save money on electricity. And to the extent that harmful rays are stopped at the window, objects exposed to the sun's rays like carpets, draperies or furniture do not fade over exhibitions.

The different models available on the market

The anti-reflective glazing comes in many models and in standard or custom dimensions. Depending on the needs and objectives, it is possible to opt for curved glass, tempered glass or laminated glass. The anti-reflective glazing can then contribute to the aesthetic rendering of a building, a detached house or a shop window.

For maximum comfort, anti-reflective window glass can be treated with anti-ultraviolet light.

Choosing a window with anti-reflective glazing is not a coincidence. You must take into account the use you reserve for the glass and the constraints of the room concerned. It is recommended to take advice from a specialist to know all the possible options and the solution adapted to your needs.

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