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Your windows are hard to reach or you're tired of the washing chore! So, think of the self-cleaning glass. It's a simple system that can match all types of glazing. This type of model is becoming more democratic and can be found today at affordable prices.

How does a self-cleaning glazing work?

A window with self-cleaning glazing is what's called a smart glass. It has the appearance of a classic glass, it has the same transparency, but it also has special self-cleaning properties that require no human intervention.

The self-cleaning glazing works thanks to a float glass, almost perfect flatness due to its completely smooth surface obtained through a manufacturing process with molten tin. It is applied a film that makes it both hydrophilic (which absorbs water) and photocatalytic, that is to say, it combines both sun and rain to clean the glazing.

The principle of photocatalysis allows to decompose the organic matter under the effect of the sun thanks to its content of titanium dioxide. The hydrophilic meanwhile prevents rain drops from forming on the glass. The water thus becomes homogeneous and slides on the glass taking with it the remaining residues, leaving no trace.

The advantages of a window with self-cleaning glazing

Self-cleaning glazing is particularly suitable for large windows or high glazing difficult to clean. We rely on the natural outdoor elements to do most of the work and give ourselves a little more free time.

But it is also the means of save money and a gesture for the planet. Indeed, these glasses allow you to significantly reduce cleaning periods and therefore the use of products for windows. You reduce your purchases and you pollute much less.

You are also sure to have a higher brightness because less dirt, more light enters the room.

Precautions to take

Be careful, this model does not completely discharge you from window cleaning. It must still be maintained from time to time but a window with self-cleaning glazing greatly reduces the maintenance of your windows.

As these are systems that work with the natural intervention of sun and rain, of course when one of these two elements is missing, it must be remedied with the good old methods.

A window with self-cleaning glazing must be installed by a certified professional as precautions must be taken during installation. The price of a window with self-cleaning glazing varies depending on the size and type of glass chosen, but the rates are quite affordable.

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