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Open on the outside, let light, hold cold and noise, provide physical protection while being simple to handle, these are the expectations that windows must meet. With solutions as varied as they are effective.

Ask or change your windows

Insulated single-pane windows are responsible for about 15% of heat loss in homes, in addition to a reduction in thermal and acoustic comfort. Recent windows with double glazing have the triple advantage of lowering the heating bill, improve comfort and provide good protection against break-ins.
In older buildings, when the budget is available, replacing older windows with more efficient insulation designs is the most effective option.

A wide variety of materials, shapes, colors and styles make it possible to adapt new windows to almost any situation and to any region. Even when old carpentry with remarkable character, with engineered glass, can not be modified without distorting the facade, there are still simple solutions to implement.

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  • Windows: points to know in drawing
  • Windows: choose glazing
  • Windows: openings and shapes
  • Windows: which material to choose?
  • Windows: different types of laying
  • Windows: recognized labels
  • Windows: to put a window in renovation
  • Windows: fix accessories
  • Windows: install a roof window
  • Roof window: three types of opening
  • Windows: replace a broken window
  • Windows and insulation improvement: caulking or glazing?


To replace a window, you can opt for a renovation, resulting in partial work, or for a refurbishment, by depositing it completely.

Windows and glazing: windows

Pose in renovation

The installation in renovation is simpler, faster and more economical since we keep the old frame of the window. Nevertheless, if the frame is not waterproof, the air will always pass and the savings will be lower. This option also causes some glass to be lost (about 10%) as the new window will be slightly smaller.

Windows and glazing: glazing

Total removal

The total removal causes more work. The loosening of the joinery built into the walls requires indeed finishing touches (plaster, paint, wallpaper...). A preferable solution in case of major renovation work or if you do not want to lose in brightness.

What steps?

On an existing building, the replacement and even more the creation of a window on the front or on the roof require an administrative authorization (prior declaration or building permit request) from the competent services of your municipality. This formality aims to enforce the minimum distances of joint ownership, regional styles...

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