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Now, it is possible to equip your home with connected windows: smart and efficient, these windows enhance your comfort, your security, and allow some of them even to enhance the energy performance of your home.

Connected windows: how does it work?

Connected windows: how does it work?

What is a connected window?

Technology has seized windows, and one can equip one's home with connected windows. They improve your everyday comfort, since they can be closed or open remotelyfrom inside or outside your home, and you can control everything from your smartphone or tablet. So, if you find that you have forgotten to close your windows or that it is time to open them to air your home, you can take care of it in a split second and wherever you are: these windows obey you on the finger and the eye! In the same way, these windows are considered as intelligent, insofar as they are able to protect you vis-à-vis regulating the brightness of your interior. But they also detect the temperature of your home and open or close depending on the temperature, to ensure maximum comfort: some are even equipped with solar panels and generate heat with solar energy when your home is getting cooler.

The benefits of connected windows

Connected windows obviously have many advantages:

  • They reinforce the energy performance of your homesince they can be equipped with solar panels, and the opening and closing are programmed so that there is no heat loss;
  • They strengthen your securitybecause some of them are equipped with alarms, which helps to deter malicious people, but you also receive a signal, usually in the form of a text message, to alert you in real time in case of intrusion;
  • They bring you optimum comfortsince you can open or close them remotely, but you can also program them to open and close at specific times of the day.

How do connected windows work?

Connected windows work using a wifi connection, and you will have to install one or more applications on your smartphone or tablet in order to control and program them. You can absolutely set everything and program from these applications: the opening and closing times and times, the introduction of shading to compensate for the heat due to the sun, the intensity of this opacity, the setting up of the alarm, the intrusion alert system, etc. Note that the opacity systems of these windows allow, in some cases, replace blinds or classic shutters.

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