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Do you want to light your cellar with natural light? The possibilities are numerous but always linked to practical, technical or legal constraints.

Authorizations to be obtained and standards to be met

At the administrative level, it is necessary to obtain health regulations from your department. It sets the rules of safety, height under ceiling, humidity, etc. If you live a condominium, you also need the trustee's agreement. Finally, in terms of construction, the cellar windows must meet the global obligations in terms of energy saving: RT 2012 until 2020, then RT 2020.

Sure a technical plan, you have to know if an existing window can expand or not to receive more light. The ideal is to speak to a professional who will respect the rules of sealing, draconian when it comes to a window of a semi-buried cellar. Infiltration can affect the stability of the building.

It is also necessary to take care of the anti-burglary system of the cellar windows, on pain of being insecure and badly refunded in case of burglary. The vents must have bars. If not, to increase the luminosity, think of the anti-burglar glass that is suitable for larger openings.

The ideal "light" solutions

Regardless the shape of the window, it is necessary to privilege rotproof materials like PVC or aluminum, the wood, sensitive to moisture, being excluded.

Tilt-and-turn windows are particularly recommended in a cellar. They allow to ventilate the space in open position, creating a discreet but effective air flow. If you are lucky to have a cellar that is very little buried, choose for the windows, the same characteristics as those of your home.

The skylight which requires more work, also brings a beautiful brightness to any cellar to rehabilitate. This is a reflective conduit that carries the light from the room above the cellar to the ceiling of the cellar. The skylight can take various forms: dome, fake window...

To know:
On a clear day and depending on the model, the scattering of light via a skylight is equivalent to that of an incandescent bulb between 60 and 180 W, less electricity costs!

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