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Laminated glazing, standard double glazing, soundproof double glazing... In addition to airtightness and watertightness, thermal insulation is today a major criterion of choice.

This thermal performance is characterized by the coefficient Uw, expressed in W / m².K. The lower it is, the more the window is insulating.
Currently, a powerful window has double glazing (even triple glazing). Depending on the model, thermal performance can vary widely.

Standard double glazing

Doube glazing standard: good thermal insulation

The standard 4/16/4 double glazing traps dehumidified air while double glazing with reinforced thermal insulation contains a neutral gas (argon or krypton) and low emissivity films.

Double glazed phonic

Doube phonic glazing: good acoustic insulation

10/10/4 glazing offers enhanced sound insulation.
This window consists of a first glazing 10 cm thick and a second of a different thickness (4 cm). This asymmetrical double glazing thus limits the propagation of sound waves.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass: anti-intrusion

4 + 4/12/4 laminated glazing blocks burglary and intrusion thanks to transparent dividers.
The desired performance depends on the desired level of comfort, but also your budget.

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