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With new technologies, our windows are getting smarter. The windows of the future are already there and can be cleaned by themselves, modulate the brightness according to our desires, control the solar energy, etc.... The possibilities are endless as much in the improvement of the habitat as in the decoration.

Windows with smart glazing

Windows with smart glazing

Glazing that protects from the sun

A "smart glass" is a glass that changes (color, heat...) under the action of an element (voltage, crystals, sunlight...). There are glazing capable of changing color to protect our homes from radiation and the sun's heat or, on the contrary, to take advantage of its light. They have the advantage of allowing a good luminosity the winter remaining transparent and to prevent the heat to penetrate in the summer houses by opacifying the sun while maintaining a perfect vision towards the outside. They allow to save energy in summer and winter.

Here are the four main techniques for modulating your glazing according to your needs:

  • Glasses containing a layer of liquid crystals may change appearance depending on the electric field to which they are subjected. They have a translucent hue but become transparent as soon as they come into contact with an electrical impulse.
  • The photochromic glasses as for them have the peculiarity to vary their hue under the effect of the solar radiation and in particular the UV. The action is rather fast, a few seconds to go from transparent to opaque, and vice versa.
  • Thermochromic glasses vary in color depending on the temperature, from a certain level the glazing darkens. In general, it is to apply a film of liquid crystals, for example, on the glass or between two layers of glass.
  • Electrochromic glasses are more customizable because you can change the color on command thanks to an electric field. The glazing darkens or becomes transparent according to the electric current applied.

"New generation" glazing

The entry of chemical and electrical components into the design of glazing opens the door to a new generation of lenses with expanded capabilities.

In the newcomers, we can mention heated glasses which contain silver particles. In contact with an electric current these glasses can heat the glazing thus allowing to clear the windows automatically, to remove the condensation and to avoid the sensation "cold glass".

The range of self cleaning glasses automatically break down grease and dirt under the effect of solar radiation. The remaining impurities are then removed with the rain.

And finally, the UV-resistant glazing allow light to pass but retain 80% of infrared UV radiation. The glass is colorless and consists of several layers. It protects furniture, carpets and fabrics from fading.

We can bet on other future innovations from our engineers very fertile in ideas in this field...

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