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With imagination and a few tens of euros, Christian PAGES has freed himself from many constraints related to the wintering of the pool. Thus perpetuating the tradition of the inventive and ingenious handyman...

Wintering the pool

LEVEL: initiated
REALIZATION: 30 minutes
COST: 38 €
MINI EQUIPMENT: neoprene glue, screwdriver.

See the plan of this realization (in pdf): swimming pool wintering: the plan

All pool owners know it, the interview to be done at the beginning of the fall is often a chore that we would happily do! Unless you sign a specific contract with a poolman, of course. Not to mention the episodic monitoring of the basin, it is not uncommon to spend a whole weekend in wintering operations. Indeed, treat water, lower its level, disassemble the pump and filtration, possibly heating and piping require time, a rare commodity for the handyman. To circumvent the problem, our reader has devised and implemented a simple and effective solution, as we like them: to let his swimming pool idle all the bad season, but under high supervision in freezing weather.

Principle of operation

Starting from the precept, that in our latitudes, a running tap prevents the pipe from freezing, our reader has therefore decided to leave his swimming pool in operation during the bad season. It has reduced to a minimum the daily filtration time (1:30 day and night), by changing the setting of the clock that controls the filtration... and added a security to run the pump continuously during the periods of freezing.

■ A simple switch thermostat (type "wine cellar") equipped with an external probe comes"force"the start of the filtration as soon as the temperature drops to zero degrees in the technical box.As long as the temperature does not rise, the pump works and the passage of water in the installation avoids the freezing thereof.

Thermostat installation

The assembly is simple. The thermostat, supplied directly from the terminal block, brings the phase to the pump motor as soon as the contact is established. Either by the operation of the trigger temperature setting knob, or by the temperature drop recorded by the probe.

■ The thermostat is installed in the filtration part of the pool enclosure by attaching it to the neoprene glue on one of the plastic housings. It is quite possible to choose another location (electrical box, for example), the main thing is to place the probe near the filtration unit to protect... What the length of its copper capillary tube allows without worry.

■ It remains to check the correct calibration of the thermostat, to be sure of its perfect zero-degree tripping. As soon as the temperature becomes negative, the thermostat will turn the filtration unit on, replacing the clock control outside of its daytime and nighttime programming ranges.

Calibrate the thermostat

Calibrate the thermostat

Preliminary tests are sometimes necessary to properly calibrate the thermostat. Set it to zero degrees so that the pump starts as soon as the ambient air reaches this temperature.

Substantial savings

The operation of filtration 3 hours per day and its activation in case of frost are sufficient to keep water clear all year round. This, without adding expensive wintering products. Over a period from the beginning of autumn to the end of May, the pump runs about 700 hours. At off-peak rates, the electricity consumed by the engine does not exceed the € 46 mark. A reduced budget for assured tranquility.

Monitor the water

■ The remaining basinin water"It will be necessary to ensure the rise of water, accelerated this year by the particularly rainy weather.It will also be necessary to regularly check the quality of the water, although the installation of an opaque wintering cover considerably reduces the need treatments.

■ The installation of a warning light, in the event of malfunction of the system or the pump, seems to us an essential precaution which complicates (a little) the assembly but secures the process.

■ Finally, this solution may not be advisable in certain areas where frost is frequent, durable and with very low temperatures!

Thermostat and probe

Thermostat and probe

Installed in the technical box of the pool, this system can be also in a technical room "HardThe thermostat and its probe are here glued to the plastic housing.

Basin cover

Basin cover

Regulated filtration and the presence of an antifreeze thermostat does not exempt you from a pool cover. It blocks the leaves, prevents falls and prevents loss of calories.

Video Instruction: Winterizing the In Ground Pool