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Could you give me the wiring diagram E.J.P. with 9 heaters in power tetra please, I am lost and I prefer to ask before making mistakes?

Warning: if your contract already includes the option "Delete Days Peak", you can still benefit, but if it is not the case know that this option no longer exists for new connections at EDF. Only "normal" or "off-peak" pricing is currently available or the TEMPO option. For your information, note that a Tempo year is composed of three colors of days (22 red days, 43 white days, 110 blue days, from the most expensive to the least expensive, depending on the level of total electricity demand), combined with off-peak and peak hour rates (each day split in half), resulting in six rates in total. The customer is alerted the day before the next day's Tempo color. "

If you have the option to Clear Peak Days, refer to the EJP WIRING scheme in the site. For a three-phase connection, it is best to use a professional electrician if only for a good balance.

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