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How to heat an apartment called "Canut" down the slopes of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon with high ceilings of 4 m? Floor heating is not possible. The insulation is weak.

A high room is always harder to heat. However, everything depends on the insulation level of this apartment, especially the insulation that is (or not) above the ceilings. If the apartment is at the last level, it must be possible to check if the attic is insulated, with what material, and what thickness. It may be possible, then, to simply install a layer of loose insulation on the floor of the attic (if they belong to the owner of the dwelling).

If the apartment is not located at the last level, it is likely that the thermal insulation with the apartment on the upper level is very small, if not zero. It is possible to make a ceiling insulation (since there is 4 m under ceiling). An insulation of 20 cm of glass wool or more, with metal frame and plasterboard will be suitable.

The underfloor heating is actually very comfortable, but it is difficult to destroy the floors.

There are baseboard heaters, hot water or electric, a solution that can be a good compromise, between underfloor heating and conventional heating radiators.

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