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To maintain the common parts of a condominium, it is necessary to hire a qualified maintenance staff, in this case a cleaning lady. What are the recruitment conditions? Who manages the contract and the remuneration?

Cleaning staff (maintenance staff) in co-ownership

Hiring maintenance staff in a condominium is included in current expenses. Expenses and management conditions are voted at the general meeting of co-owners and are subject to a budget estimate. In practice, and pursuant to Article 31 of the Decree of 17 March 1967, the management of this staff is the responsibility of the co-ownership trustee.

Initially, the syndic or the syndicate of co-ownership takes care of the various steps that precede the recruitment: search of the companies, definition of the tasks, estimate of providers...
Once the right person or the right service company has been validated by the vote of the co-owners, the employment contract is established, not to mention the amendments concerning holidays, sick leave or maternity. This responsibility is valid for both the titular staff and the substitutes.

The trustee then deals with the periodic payment of salary after editing the payslips. At the same time, he keeps the salary book up to date and undertakes the different tax returns and payments which must be paid to the social and fiscal bodies.

We must not forget the training of staff as well as the regular update of the Single Document on the Risk Assessment for the Health and Safety of its Workers (DUERSST). Since 2 November 2002, every employer is required to prepare this document annually in accordance with Article R. 4121-1 of the Labor Code. DUERSST aims to prevent accidents by recommending appropriate equipment and tools.

Assignment and Role of Condominium Maintenance Staff

The tasks of the condominium maintenance staff are rather basic. The role of the cleaning staff in co-ownership is maintain the ground, access roads, premises housing common services and common equipment (elevator, stairs...).

Maintenance staff may also be assigned to window cleaning and garbage room cleaning. It is also possible to include the exit of the bins in their attributions.

It belongs to the condominium syndicate of provide precisely the conditions under which the tasks assigned to housekeeping must be executed. The trustee must provide the specific instructions and then check that the assignments are carried out in accordance with the terms of the contract.

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