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Mold, greyness, wear: regular maintenance is necessary to keep a wood deck in good condition while retaining its original color.

How to maintain your wooden deck

Reinforce in depth

outdoor wood saturator

The saturator is a product whose very fluid and non-greasy texture penetrates deep into the heart of the hardest woods to nourish the fiber and waterproof.
Highly water-repellent, it is stain-resistant, splinter-proof and resists chlorinated pool water as well as greasy stains and fouling.
Applied once a year on naked, clean and dry support, it protects the wood while allowing it to breathe, and facilitates cleaning. Most saturators consist of natural products, without solvents or VOCs.

Wooden deck: maintain and protect the wood: wood

Before treating, dust and clean your deck. The product is milky in pot, but completely transparent when dry. Apply it to the broom.

Wooden deck: maintain and protect the wood: deck

Allow the product to penetrate, then repeat until the wood is turned down. A glue brush is useful to properly apply the saturator between the streaks of the blades.

Wooden deck: maintain and protect the wood: deck

After a last coat, allow to dry for 3 or 4 hours then wipe off any excess product with a cloth. The complete drying lasts 48 hours.

Chasing the moss

Chasing the moss

Antifoam products are effective on all outdoor woods and also help remove algae and lichens. You can use them on the terraces, but also on the fences, the garden furniture and the claustras... as well as on the mineral coatings (pavers, slabs, tiles...). On new wood, they prevent the formation of mosses. Most of these defoamers are composed of 98% natural products, without solvents or toxic components.

Wooden deck: maintain and protect the wood: protect

Foams can become embedded. Generously apply the antifoam to the spray or brush: count 4 to 5 m2 of treated surface per liter of product.

Wooden deck: maintain and protect the wood: maintain

Let penetrate without rinsing the product in the heart of the wood. Wait for the mosses to brown, which can take up to 48 hours depending on the support and the climate.

Wooden deck: maintain and protect the wood: protect

Using a brush or pressurized water jet, scrub the blades to loosen the dried moss. If necessary, make a second application.

And composite wood?

He does not need treatment!
Composite wood boards are washed with water or a mild detergent, possibly with bleach (10%) if traces persist. Scratches or burn marks can be caught by sanding.

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