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I currently have a gravelled terrace in the middle of the garden of 3m x 4m (concrete slab 10 cm thick + slabs gravelled). This terrace was built at the time without slope. When it rains, the water seeps through the joints of the gravelled slabs and does not form a puddle on the surface once the rain is over. My question is the following. I want to realize over this terrace, a wooden deck. The wooden structure supporting the future terrace will be mounted on the hold so that the joists do not touch the slabs. I read everywhere that it is absolutely essential that the slab under the wood terrace has a slope. In my particular case, the fact that there is no slope poses a particular problem?

The zero slope terraces are not usually circulable. The support of a wooden deck on this type of terrace must have a slope in order to allow therunoff of rainwater. Apparently, in your case, rainwater flows smoothly at the slab. In addition, the fact that the joists are arranged on holds should avoid contact with water.
In these conditions, your technical choices seem consistent.

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