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I wish to change my terrace into slabs. I hesitate between composite and wood. The composite is maintenance free but it expands enormously and gives back + the heat that the wood? If not which wood to choose between Ipe and garapa? Color retention? Reliability in time?

Composite wood is made of wood fibers and plastics. It mimics natural wood very well and its maintenance is reduced. It will not be necessary to treat, oil, or vitrify: the composite material does not change with the weather and lasts for many years. It does not expand as much as this and has the aesthetic qualities of wood without the mechanical stresses. So for me it's a very good product.

As for wood, choose a class 4 wood to withstand bad weather. Ipe is a very good wood but it has become very expensive; Garapa can also be used and is more affordable. Whatever the wood, it will become gray with time: you will need to apply an annual treatment if you want it to retain its color.

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