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More natural than fencing, wooden fences attract more and more French, especially because of the wide range of existing products in this area. Presentation of different types of wooden fences.

Wooden fences

Wooden fences

A wide range of wooden fences

Used in fences, the wood offers the peculiarity to exist under multiple variants, concerning:

  • The wood species used: Different species are used for the manufacture of wooden fences, as fir, pine and oak for the most classic, and teak and sappeli for the most exotic. There is also composite wood that combines natural material with PVC;
  • Forms of fences: Easy to work, the possibilities of the wood are numerous, so that one distinguishes the fence in straight or arched logs, the fence in parallel or intersecting slats and with the straight or rounded ends, the fence of panels consisting of horizontal, interlocking blades to each other, and can also be customized with closing transoms;
  • The dimensionsThese vary according to the type of product. The log fence is of a smaller height, of the order of 35 to 40 centimeters, followed by the slatted fence usually between 80 and 100 centimeters. The fence panel is finally the largest, ranging from 60 to 180 centimeters in height.
  • Colors: The choice of colors is finally just as wide for the fence, natural wood, white, black, gray, brown, green, taupe, or coral.

The advantages of the wooden fence

The main advantage of the wood fence is its visual appearance, whose associated aesthetic values ​​differ according to the type of fence. Indeed, the log fences, and parallel or intersecting slats, while being ecological, offer a natural charm to the property. On the other hand, those in panels, mostly made of composite boards, bring a contemporary design style.

The wooden fence is also customizable. It is also possible to have it made to measure, and to marry it with the gate of the property.

Finally, whatever the nature of the wooden fence, it is a simple product to install. In addition, it has a very good level of quality and is sustainable in time, being generally guaranteed between 5 and 10 years.

Weaknesses of the wooden fence

Nevertheless, the wood fence has two disadvantages.

His price First of all, starting around 30 euros for the entry of ranges, can quickly reach several hundred euros depending on the model.

The interviewthen can be a drag on the purchase of a wooden fence. Indeed, according to the essence of the wood, it can require to be stained and / or varnished every two to three years, and manima once a year, and to be sanded beforehand to remove the damaged layers and the flaking.

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