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Depending on the maintenance to be expected, more or less regular, and the rendering, gloss, satin or mat, how to choose the right protection for its solid wood flooring?

Varnish, wax, oil: the finishes for the parquet

The glazer

parquet glazer

  • The parquet varnish is quickly called "glazier" because it forms on the floor a transparent film (matt, shiny or satin) and hard like glass.
  • It is the most functional finishing product: simple to apply, the floor is then perfectly protected and easy to maintain. A damp mop is enough to remove stains.

Parquet wax

parquet wax

  • The wax with its good smell still has its followers, but it requires regular maintenance and is an imperfect barrier to water that often leaves stains.

Natural oil

parquet oil

  • The oiled parquet is treated in depth. It is not a surface protection since the wood fiber is embedded in the mass.
  • So, the treatment is definitive. You will not be able to delete it. You will also need to oil every six months or so.
  • It is recommended for a raw appearance in matte or glossy.

Video Instruction: Should You Use Oil or Varnish to Finish Your Flooring?