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Firewood logs: a clean and efficient way of heating

A quality firewood is first and foremost a dry and healthy wood. Spring is the perfect season for the cutting, ripening and storing of firewood since the coming summer will, of course, be the perfect season for its drying. He will then be in his best condition to join your stove, your insert or your boiler at the arrival of winter by lighting easily. The choice of wood species is essential to obtain quality logs. Softwood logs burn quickly but produce clusters that can be very dangerous. In addition, softwood fouls homes but also ducts. They are therefore preferred to hardwoods such as beech, oak, ash, maple and birch which are considered the best wood for stoves, open or closed fireplaces. Fruit trees such as apple or pear also burn very well. but have become very rare. For proper use, return wood that is stored outside or in the cellar in the room where it should be used for at least 24 hours before using it: it will light better and burn optimally. Logs can be bought in bags or pallets. It is a very good quality wood, dry, ready to use.

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