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The wood stove can become a real decorative object in your home. Models and shapes are today much more varied and more design than at the time. No more old, unsightly stove, trendy place and design wood stoves.

The design wood stove

The design wood stove

The aesthetics of the classic wood stove, updated

Since every interior is unique, the stove must adapt to all styles while maintaining its performance and benefits. The designers therefore focused on the aesthetics of our classic antique stove:

  • The offer is expanding and offers stoves of all sizes. The smallest sizes meet the needs of habitats with small spaces.
  • Dressing and fireplace remain cast iron and steel, the materials traditionally used for stoves.
  • Compact, the classic stove is cubic or cylindrical and has a glass to enjoy the fire visually.
  • The coating is enamelled and sometimes painted.
  • The color palette expands It also has metallic gray but also ruby, glossy black and majolica green. The general appearance is deliberately patinated to maintain an impression of rusticity.

These new classic stoves now have modern heating technologies such as turbo or afterburner.

The wood stove with contemporary design

Aesthetic labels now award distinctions and rewards to the most stylish stoves. This is particularly the case with the "Red Dot quality label" design prize. The stoves become real modern elements of decoration.

The range of materials used diversifies:

  • the classics steel, cast iron and aluminum
  • soapstone or steatite (very soft and refractory rock)
  • brick and refractory concrete, heat resistant
  • volcanic rock
  • Scandinavian earthenware, white or sand, shiny or matte
  • sandstone, a natural material composed of grains of sand, varying according to the binder.

These materials accumulate heat and restore it gradually over several hours.

The forms are multiplying too. The design wood stove is cylindrical, rectangular, square, compact, horizontal or vertical.

Finally, the stove can be wall mounted or suspended to free floor space. It is central, recessed or corner according to needs, desires and available space.

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