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We live in the countryside in a classic house from the 1970s (16mx8m, brick walls of 7cm). Fuel heated (3000l / year) we would like to use, either in replacement or in addition, another means of heating. We were told about radiant heating stove. Could you give us your opinion on the efficiency of such a heating method?

A mass stove uses as the name suggests heavy materials (bricks, concrete, stone...) to accumulate the energy developed during combustion and restore it over a relatively long time, by radiation. Virtually every home combines radiation and convection.

A mass stove is a primary, and not complementary, means of heating. It is suitable for large volumes and is usually installed centrally in the main volume. It is not a very flexible heating system.

In your place, I will start by insulating my house and associating a heat pump with the boiler. The pump must be the main mode of heating and the boiler will take the relay (we speak of relief) when it is very cold.

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