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Noble, warm, eco-sustainable, the wood combines modernity and tradition. Its scope of application covers all aspects of housing: construction, decoration, interior and exterior fittings.

Build and tinker with wood

Decorate walls and ceilings with wood

The paneling has evolved to adapt to everyone's desires. You can place it vertically, horizontally or obliquely depending on the desired effect. The most common species are the maritime pine and the northern fir. But there is also wood paneling (birch, chestnut, oak, ash...) and cedar or larch.
The few tropical varieties used in paneling (bangkiraï, teak...) are rather dedicated to the bathroom. High quality wood is also found in veneer veneer or decorative panels on MDF (medium).
Finishing side, you can choose between customizable raw products and dozens of references (sawn, brushed, ceruse, waxed, lacquered, aged... or simply varnished). For their part, the wood panels are part of a classic approach to wall cladding, like the woodwork of yesteryear.
Conversely, the new wall panels, wood or MDF carved (to discover), follow a path resolutely contemporary, sometimes tinged with fantasy.

Create your wooden fittings

Wood in all its forms can arrange the house and make furniture.
Solid wood has for him to value a realization. Derivative panels have the advantage of being more economical, easier to work with and less sensitive to temperature variations.
Some, like OSB (Oriented Chipboard) and MDF, have a very appreciated texture in interior architecture.
Others, like chipboard, blockboard and plywood exist coated with a fine veneer suitable for the construction of furniture.
Melamine and laminate are practical for various arrangements: wardrobes, shelves, kitchen furniture or bathroom.
Outdoor development favors autoclaved softwoods (spruce, pine, fir) and exotic species (bangkiraï, itauba, teak...) for their excellent resistance to humidity. They have been competing since the 1980s with wood that has been re-fired and dried at high temperatures in special ovens.

Build or expand your home with wood

Easy to machine, lighter than most building materials, wood offers great architectural flexibility.
The new construction and extension of old houses are mainly shared between the systems MOB (timber frame house) and post-beams. The RT (thermal regulation) 2012, with a focus on its evolution in 2020, governs the isolation modalities. MOB uses solid wood rails and uprights braced by derived panels, including OSB. Its interior walls are frequently covered with plasterboard and cladding facades.
The post and beam system uses structural elements made of solid wood, laminated timber, glulam, composite... Placed at regular intervals, the columns are connected by beams of great significance. The set delineates large volumes, which favor the integration of large glazed surfaces. Non-load bearing, the exterior walls as well as the interior can receive all types of fillings: adobe, rammed earth, cob, brick, cellular concrete...

Choose the right wood quality

Depending on the usage, the wood must not exceed a maximum humidity level. In addition, their class of employment makes it possible to determine the essence that can be used.

Construction and amenitiesHumidityJob class *
Wood frame18%2 or 3
Protected frame elements22%2
Outdoor carpentry, banners22%3 or 4
Exterior wood furnishings15%3
Exterior cladding18%2 à 4
Fences, posts, gratings...22%4
Furniture, flooring10%1
Wall coverings12%1

* Lumber can be exposed to ambient humidity of more than 20%. Standard NF EN 335-2 defines the risks of biological attacks and the preventive treatment to be applied. For example: fir, spruce, beech, poplar class 1 to 4; American Red Oak Class 3 or 4; larch, pine (Douglas, Sylvester), Red Cedar, Sipo Class 4.

build with wood

No material is as versatile as wood. Built, interior and exterior joinery, coverings, furniture... it is used everywhere. Roofs are covered with wooden tiles (shingles or shingles).

tinker with wood

The use of wood-based panels has led to the invention of new processes to facilitate assemblies or ensure their solidity. Flat ankles and glued pins are among the most popular by DIYers.

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