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Wood is a very old building material. Focus on the different types of wooden houses.

Wooden houses

Wooden houses

The wooden house: multiple possibilities

A wooden house may have different aspects: the wood used may or may not be visible once construction is complete. Indeed, we can cover the outer walls of plaster, stone or brick.

Know that there are several methods of construction for a wooden house:

  • The column-beam structure: the structure is held vertically by wooden posts on which beams rest. The half-timbered house is built according to this structure, but you can also use it to build a modern bioclimatic house for example.
  • Solid wood panels: this structure is very practical to build a large wooden house. Planks are assembled to create solid wood panels. They then make it possible to create the walls, the floor or the elements of roofing of the house.
  • The wooden frame house: a bit like a house built with post-beam technique, the timber frame house consists of assembling vertical and horizontal elements made of solid wood. The wood frame house can be prefabricated in the workshop.
  • The technique of stacked solid woodThe cottages are built using this technique. It involves stacking horizontally logs or logs of solid wood on top of each other. The modern construction methods stacked solid wood can reconcile aesthetics and insulation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the wooden house

Wood makes it possible to obtain very durable constructions: Wooden houses can last several hundred years. In addition, if the wood is neither treated nor varnished, it is biodegradable and recyclable. The construction of a wooden house produces much less waste than other materials used for the construction of a house.

On the other hand, it is important to make sure that the insulation of the wooden house is sufficient whatever the chosen structure. Finally, in general, wood is a building material that costs more than others.

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