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Wooden stairs are particularly popular and used in many homes. That's why many people face the problem of creaking stairs. What are these squeaks due to? How to limit them? DuitDesign gives you all the solutions.

Why is your wooden staircase creaky?

The creaking of the wooden staircase can have different origins. There are two main reasons why a wooden staircase can creak:

  • Wood drying: the creaking of the wooden staircase may be due to too dry wood. This is particularly the case if the wood has not been fed and maintained regularly.
  • The swelling of the wood: It is quite normal for the wood to swell or contract depending on the situation. This is one of the specificities of the material.
  • The friction of the step against the riser. The riser is the perpendicular part that hides the spaces between the steps. These two parts can rub against each other, especially when the staircase has been installed long before and the wood has already worked considerably.

All of these elements can cause squeaks. To determine the exact origin of the squeaks, you will need to perform tests. For this, in a completely silent environment, test each step of your staircase to identify where the squeaks come from.

How to solve the squeaks of the wooden staircase?

To avoid the creaking of your wooden staircase, regularly feed your wooden staircase. This action represents the best prevention against squeaks.

varnish also generously your staircase, insisting on level of interstices between the steps and risers. The varnish will form a protective layer that will allow you to limit squeaks. You can also opt for a staircase without risers to reduce squeaks related to friction.

Finally, a back-up solution consists of talcum powder your steps. Apply generously talcum powder on the steps, then remove the surplus. This should reduce squeaks in your stair treads.

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