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Light, strong, fast to build, aesthetic, resistant and insulating: wood is a building material that seduces more and more. Especially if we try to build an ecological house.

Wooden walls for an aesthetic and natural home

When you want a house with wooden walls, you have the choice between different techniques:

  • A house with wooden frame. The most common solution when you want wooden walls because it is the easiest to implement! We build the skeleton of the wooden house, then we just put the roof, the floor, before covering the whole of wood panels insulated.
  • The house with half-timbered walls or the post-beam house. In this case only the frame itself is made of wood.
  • The breezeblock or the wooden brick. This is the solution that seduces more and more those who want to build themselves a house with wooden walls. The solid wood blocks meet all the standards in force, and can quickly build a green and charming house.

Generally when we decide to have wooden walls outside, we also want inside! In this case, we opt for wooden partitions: a wooden frame that will be covered with wood or wood paneling panels.

Which wood to choose for aesthetic but resistant wooden walls?

For the frame of the house, it is better to choose a solid and very resistant wood. Whoever wins all the votes is the chestnut, a naturally rotproof wood guaranteed "no bad surprise"!

For the outdoors, the most resistant woods to climate variations and weather conditions of all kinds are undoubtedly red cedar and larch.

What treatments to protect wooden walls?

Rain, wind, sun, humidity: outside, the wooden walls see all the colors! And so that they keep theirs intact and they do not tarnish, it is important to to maintain them. And even if we opted for a so-called resistant wood. To keep our exterior wood walls as long and bright as possible, we think of:

  • A protection and treatment against the sun so that they do not struggle
  • A fungicidal treatment, so that even in case of high humidity we do not see mushrooms!

To note: today, the wood for outdoor use is most often provided already treated!

Warning: we do not protect our wooden walls! The wood of the frame of the house, even if it is covered, will be exposed to aggression also, so we do not forget the anti-insect and termite treatment in addition to the treatment against moisture.

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