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Wood, a noble material par excellence! What's prettier and more luxurious than a wooden window. In addition to aesthetics, wood has now become a very durable material with a water-repellent (anti-moisture), fungicidal, insecticidal and sometimes fireproof (fireproof) treatment. The wood is suitable for all styles of home or design, contemporary or old, and fits perfectly to the installation of a custom window.

Why opt for a custom wood window?

Some houses, and especially old houses called "charm" do not always have standardized openings. It is therefore essential to install custom windows as part of a renovation or construction.

The amount and the frame of a window are sometimes out of the ordinary and it is not uncommon to have to install a window adapted to the opening. A custom wood window is not incompatible with the installation of triple glazing, if the amount is of course strong enough to receive it.

Primordial step: taking action

Whether it is a new construction or a renovation, the fatal mistake not to commit is to be mistaken about taking measurements. An error of a few millimeters can make a window installation impossible. A window too big will not fit into the frame and a window too small will lose watertightness. A bad measure can also be catastrophic in the financial budget.

Before any measurement operation, the leaves must be removed. It is imperative to measure the width, height and inner diagonals of the window, not the outside dimensions. If they are old windows, they may not be uniform and in this case, several measurement points must be taken at different points in the window.

These gestures seem simple in appearance, but it is advisable to call a professional if in doubt.

The wood comes to infinity...

Window manufacturers combine aluminum or PVC perfectly with wood. For example, it makes sense to put wood inside a window and aluminum outside, which enhances performance and insulation. The decorative finishes are varied, between paint, stain, varnish, molding...

At the quality level, oak remains the noble essence par excellence known for its longevity in time. Softwoods, like pine, are very affordable and tropical woods offer excellent value for money. But we must remain vigilant on the original source of wood, especially for those who have an ecological soul. Opt for the environmental forest management label, such as PEFC or FSC, which aims to contribute to sustainable forest management.

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