The Content Of The Article:

Sheep's wool

For which insulation:

Phonic and thermal.

Insulation type:

Ecological material of animal origin.


Sheep wool is treated against fire and insects.


Hold the air in its fibers to create the insulation. Is treated against fire and insects. Permeable to water vapor. Excellent resistance to moisture. Recyclable.

Degree of insulation:



Panels. Rollers. Bulk.

Uses for the house:

Attic. Walls. Soils. Roofing.


Odorless since it has been washed off (emitted by the animal and gives it its special smell). Extremely renewable raw material. Recyclable.


The addition of the products of the antifungal and insecticidal treatments (prefer those with boron salt). Subject to compression (its resistance is often complemented by a polyester supply).

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