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The energy renovation bonus was distributed to help fund major energy renovation projects completed before the end of December 2014. Although it has ceased to apply since 1 January 2015, its disappearance has been offset by the relaxation of allocation of the tax credit (ISCED) and the zero interest eco-loan.

What is the energy renovation bonus?

The energy renovation bonus was exceptional and limited state aid. It was strictly reserved for households that had plans to carry out heavy energy renovation work. Heavy energy renovation works should be understood as at least two effective energy renovation actions in your main home. Its amount was 1350 euros and was allocated according to your income, the number of people in the household and the nature of the work to be done. The energy renovation bonus was awarded for all work completed before December 31, 2014.

The works concerned by the energy renovation bonus

The energy renovation bonus was only awarded to finance a certain type of work:

  • thermal insulation work (roofing totality)
  • thermal insulation work (at least half of the surface of the walls)
  • thermal insulation work (at least half of the glass walls facing outside)
  • installation works for condensing boilers, gas-fired micro-CHP boilers or heat pumps (except air-to-air heat pumps)
  • boiler installation work or heating or hot water production equipment using wood or other biomass.
  • installation work of domestic hot water production equipment using a renewable energy source.

Is it still possible to apply for the energy renovation bonus for works completed in 2015?

Unfortunately, if you did work in 2014 and did not apply before December 31 (postmarked), it is no longer possible to benefit from it. All records received after this date will automatically be rejected. However, be aware that in the context of the 2015 Finance Bill, the disappearance of the energy renovation bonus was offset by a relaxation of the tax credit allocation contributions (CITE). All taxpayers can now benefit regardless of their income and without obligation to carry out a work package.

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