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The clearing work is part of the earthworks of a site. They prepare the latter to receive a construction. The clearing requires a preliminary study of the soil in order to verify its composition and corresponds to the stage of the excavations. What are the main steps?

Stripping to sort the composition of the ground

In the case of sloping terrain, the clearing may follow a backfilling operation which serves to level it. Otherwise, it intervenes after the picketing whose objective is to delimit a ground.

The clearing is done in several phases. Stripping is the first operation. It consists of remove the topsoil to keep only the layers to support a construction and plantations. Hence the importance of soil survey. This one allows in other, to avoid settlement or collapse of a ground.

The cleared arable land is stored as temporary fill. If it is of good quality it will later serve to develop a garden or an orchard. Otherwise she is evacuated from the field. In parallel to protect, the space dedicated to the construction of the rise of the roots which would harm the stability of the whole, one poses a geotextile film.

Once the ground is stripped with the help of an excavator, a layer of form usually covers the ground, indicating the location of the future construction, that of the garden or pool and the paths leading to it.

Disbursement to ensure a solid foundation

The disbursement is then carried out and concerns the construction itself. It involves digging deeply the location of the house to lay the foundations, determine the location of the cellar or garage in the basement. The location of the pipes or all conduits is also defined at this stage. We dig, of course, less deeply. The volume of land to be cleared differs according to the nature of the land and the structure of the future dwelling.

The disbursement of a land obeys adoes strict legislation and requires special permissions. Be vigilant on the questions of joint ownership, ensure that your work does not endanger the stability of the land of your neighbors. The most cautious way to carry out this work is to go through an earthworks company which will also be responsible for guiding you through the mandatory administrative procedures.

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