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The advertised cost of your energy retrofit will actually be totally different from what you will actually commit. In fact, it will be deduced from the initial price proposed by the building professional, all state subsidies.

The estimated cost of non-subsidized energy renovation works

Overall, the cost of energy renovation work in a house ranges from 10,000 and 30,000 €.

This estimated price includes the installation and purchase of equipment and fluctuates depending on the particularities of the site, the company that carries out the work, etc.

A price range for this type of work has been provided by the National Agency for Housing (ANAH):

  • Thermal insulation: from 2500 € (example: insulation of the attics lost) to 12 000 € (example: walls by outside or inside)
  • Improvement of heating systems: from € 3,000 (example: low temperature boiler) to € 18,000 (example: geothermal heat pump).

To note: the energy renovation benefits from an eco-loan at zero rates. A real estate loan that does not have any interest, granted according to resources and whose amount and repayment period are variable.

Energy renovation works: real cost after subsidies

State measures are part of an approach aimed at reduce energy consumption of the French real estate park.

In order to meet its objectives and push retoucher households to undertake energy retrofits, the government strengthens existing financial support:

  • The sustainable development tax credit becomes the tax credit for the energy transition. It allows you to deduct 30% of energy renovation costs incurred, income tax.
  • The exceptional bonuses of 1350 € and 3000 € are also accessible (subject to resources).
  • VAT at 5.5% replaces the 21.2%
  • ANAH subsidies and local government support complement the measures mentioned above

It is therefore estimated that the total cost of the energy renovation can be reduced by more than 80%. After deduction of these aids, it does not really remain at the expense of the individual than the last 20% of the cost of departure.

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