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This article presents a selection of equipment to work safely. - fcafotodigital

Whether you are working on structural work or small renovation work, the safety of structures and people is one of the fundamental aspects of a building site. It is also at the heart of the concerns of equipment manufacturers, whose products must meet international ISO safety standards. Discover our selection of equipment to work comfortably and safely.

Combine protection and ergonomics

Injuries to the extremities, especially to the feet and hands, are the most frequent cases of bodily injury on all types of work sites. It is therefore necessary to adopt adequate protection to ensure its own safety and that of others.

Safety footwear provides essential protection for workers in the logistics, construction, or anyone who is likely to work in the presence of heavy machinery and sensitive materials. The unisex model proposed meets the ISO 20345 S1 standard which governs the certification of safety footwear. Sober and elegant, the black leather shoe is equipped with a protective shell at the front, allowing it to withstand shocks and falling objects, up to an energy of 200 joules, equivalent to a load of 20 kilos falling from a height of 1 meter. A steel layer placed judiciously between the insole and the outside allows to avoid any risk of perforation and foot injury. As safety and comfort are not incompatible, the shoe is padded at the ankles to ensure mobility and support of the foot. Its foam lining allows foot breathing, and the antistatic insole helps absorb shock, reducing the risk of potential trauma.

We have seen, like the feet, the hands are extremes exposed to injury in the context of handling, construction sites or do-it-yourself jobs. In these risky situations, the simplest protection measure is to have a pair of gloves adapted to the work done. Some glove designs help to protect hands from "mechanical" hazards during delicate procedures. There are ultra-resistant stamped models, whose material provides optimal protection while ensuring the dexterity necessary for handling. The leather covering guarantees the comfort and warmth of the fingers. The leather crust at the palms allows adhesion to the material used.

See and be seen throughout the year

One of the best protections against an accident is to be visible in all circumstances. The high-visibility 4-in-1 outdoor jacket meets the needs of people working in the green space, logistics, construction and road sectors.

This polyester safety jacket is an indispensable ally for outdoor work. Its neon yellow lining equipped with reflective strips ensures optimal visibility in all situations and throughout the year. Adapted to seasonal temperatures, the set can be worn (jacket + polyester lining), for resistance to wind and cold. The removable sleeves can be worn even in summer temperatures, and lose nothing of its advantages in terms of visibility.

Acclimatize at outside temperatures

The progress and progress of the exterior construction sites depend on climatic conditions, which vary according to a certain number of criteria beyond human control. In the foreground, the various stakeholders are the first victims of bad weather. For several years now, the textile industry has been relying on increasingly sophisticated technologies to create safety garments capable of providing warmth, breathing, protection and comfort in all conditions of use.

In rainy weather or high winds, the jacket is an indispensable protection. Equipped with a windproof and waterproof fabric, the two-tone Softshell windproof work jacket offers, in the context of outdoor work, an optimal defense measure. The softshell technical fabric has the particularity of combining three layers of materials with complementary protective properties. The inner layer, close to the body, is made of polyester, which protects against the cold; the TPU middle layer allows the garment to breathe and cut the wind; the outer layer, in water-repellent polyester, provides a waterproof protection foolproof. Its unique and careful manufacture makes it a comfortable and lightweight garment, able to guarantee maximum protection against wind, rain and cold, while protecting the health of the wearer. The jacket model is certified OEKO-TEX®, a label that guarantees the absence (or low proportion) of substances harmful to health and skin in a garment.

The technology is available on jacket models with or without a hood, abundantly provided with zipped pockets inside and outside to house small objects needed for construction or personal effects.

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