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Work safely on the roof

Any intervention on your roof requires maximum attention. To avoid accidents, here are some basic safety rules that we strongly advise you to respect.

Reliable and adapted equipment

Indispensable, your ladder must be solid and respect the standards in force.
Level size, it must exceed the gutter by at least a meter.
Once on the roof, use a roof ladder attached to the roof.
Never attach yourself to the ladder, but prefer a safety harness fixed to a fixed structure.
Wearing non-slip shoes will prevent you from slipping.

A second speaker

Never work alone on your roof. Get help from someone else. For example, it will be able to stabilize the ladder while you climb it, send you some tools and be present and reactive in the event of a fall.

Tools at your fingertips

Place your tools in a safe place, a tray on the ladder, a bag carried across the chest or a tool belt.
You must only have in your hands the necessary tools for your work.

Watch out for falling objects

Always put your debris in a bag or basket that you will drop to the ground with a rope.
Do not let anything fall and throw away the roof.

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