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I had a house built in 2009 by a renowned builder and I signed the completion of the work in March 2009. I have all the tiling of the ground floor, which rings hollow in full. the work supervisor tells me that this is normal. I asked to have an expertise by a tiler of this manufacturer and indeed the tiles sound hollow. But I reported this problem to the work supervisor before I moved in and all the elements (sanitary, kitchen...) were installed. To date, it's been four months since a procedure has been launched against the tiler who has since filed for bankruptcy, so that the work of the defects are realized. The laid tile is 45X45, that it is placed on a liquid screed. My question is the following: How to make all the work to be done amicably, without me to call a lawyer. Because I have to rely on the renovation of the tiles: the removal of the wood stove from the dismantling of the kitchen, painting the bottom to redo, the sanitary to remove and put back, my temporary relocation. Can I pretend that all the repairs of the tiling and "around" will be taken care of by the insurance of the tiler having badly laid the tiles?

I imagine that when you say you have signed "the completion of the work", you are talking about the reception of the site. It is from this date that the various warranty periods of your construction begin to run. In January 2010, you are still under the guarantee "perfect completion" (1 year), during which must be repaired all the "disorders" (defects) that you may notice, appeared after the reception. It is with the "renowned manufacturer" that you must exercise your recourse, not against the tiler (unless you ordered a tile in addition to what the manufacturer provided you). It does not matter if the tiler of your builder has filed for bankruptcy or not. So play this guarantee of perfect completion against the manufacturer and possibly assign it.

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