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Not always easy to detect a defect when you have no knowledge in the building. To notice the disorders, you will have to call on a professional of the sector in order to then succeed. Depending on the situation, you will have to choose between a bailiff or a building expert. Your insurance company or the nearest district court will make it easier for you.

Malfunctions: call on a building expert to notice the disorders

Malfunctions: call on a building expert to notice the disorders

Why report a workmanship by a professional?

It is not always necessary to go through a professional to make an apparent malfunction and obtain repair by your contractor. If the latter is in good faith, he will solve the problem quickly but it is not always the case. If he turns a deaf ear or if he refuses to make repairs, you will have no other option than to go through a professional to see the workmanship and win the case. In case you suspect a defect but that it is not visible, it is essential to have it noted by a building professional who will bring credit to your request.

To notice a defect: expert or bailiff?

If you have to go through a professional to show a defect, two options are available to you. The first is go through a bailiff. The bailiff will come to notice the defective workmanship and will bring the whole thing in writing. This option is only possible in case the damage is perfectly visible. The second option is to go through a building expert. His intervention is necessary when you suspect a defect and that it is not visible. He alone will have the skills to assess whether the building's strength is compromised.

How to proceed?

To use an expert, there are different ways to proceed. You can, first of all, get closer to your insurance company to send you an expert to see the damage. By choosing an expert through your insurance company, however, you take the risk of seeing "minimize" the situation to reduce compensation. You will not encounter this kind of problem by going through a private expert. To contact one, ask at the court registry list of experts in your area.

If you choose to take legal action, the District or High Court will send a court expert to your home. Most of the time they are construction experts like architects or engineers.

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