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When we have work done at home, sometimes the end result has flaws, in other words, poor workmanship. In case of poor workmanship, the finding of a bailiff may be necessary.

Why seek the finding of a bailiff in case of poor workmanship?

When carrying out construction or renovation work, it happens that mistakes are made, even by building professionals.
We call malfunction the result of judged work non-compliant or poorly executed.

When a defect in the construction affects a work, it is necessary to have it corrected, as this may present risks for the structural integrity of the building.
If a defect is visible in a dwelling, it is imperative to inform the responsible company by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and as soon as possible.
The legal guarantees of the construction guarantee repair of disorders caused by work, but disputes between individuals and professionals are unfortunately frequent.
It is especially when the contractor in charge of the work refuses to repair the defective work that it may be useful to seek the finding of a bailiff.

Role of a bailiff in case of workmanship

After having notified the presence of a workmanship due to work with the professional concerned, it is his obligation to solve the problems caused by his work.
In the absence of an answer or in case of refusal to comply, a formal notice is then possible, in order to set a deadline beyond which you can appeal to a bailiff.
If the formal notice does not allow to unblock the situation, it is at this time that the bailiff may have a role to play.

In the event of poor workmanship resulting from the completion of work, the intervention of a bailiff on site is highly recommended. The judicial officer goes to your home to check for the existence of the defect, in order to establish a written report named the report of report. This document repeats the observations of the bailiff at a time T and constitutes a genuine instrument that can not be contested.

The verbal procedure can be used as evidence in a trial.
Although the finding of a bailiff involves an additional expense, this solution is often the best to obtain compensation in case of poor workmanship.

On the other hand, if the malfunction is technicalyou will need to bring in an expert building, preferably independent. The expert will be able to identify all hidden defects and provide you with a written report of expertise that commits his professional responsibility.

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