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On Sunday, March 11, 2018, we will celebrate the International Plumbing Day around the world. An original initiative appeared in 2010 and intended to raise awareness and promote the profession of plumber, but also to raise public awareness of issues related to water. On this day like no other, let's go back to the plumbing, its trades and its challenges.

Plumbing, a little-known job

An IFOP study conducted last year revealed that a majority of French (51% exactly) was unable to cite the materials in which are manufactured pipes and pipes equipping homes. That is to say that the sanitary installation in general remains largely mysterious for most of us: the occasion, thanks to this international day of the plumbing, to value the importance of the plumber-heating and the role of the installer consulting. These professionals bring, thanks to the extent of their know-how, a real added value to the buildings they equip.

Basic networks: a fundamental issue

The role of plumbing is much more important than it seems! In our Western societies, where water and sanitation networks have been in place for well over a century and are properly maintained, opening a tap or flushing a toilet seems more than natural. But it is quite different in developing countries, where hundreds of millions of people still lack access to safe drinking water and a functioning sanitation system. The shortage of running water and toilets causes disease and more than three million people die each year from the consequences of these absences from the drinking water supply and sewage systems.

A day marked by awareness-raising actions

Throughout World Plumbing Day, the World Plumbing Council (WPC) - organizer of the event alongside plumbers partners - will lead communication and events to better understand the role of the plumbing industry. and the importance of the plumbing professional. These actions will also aim to raise public awareness of the need for good management of drinking water installations and their rigorous maintenance: it is estimated that in 2014, 20% of the total volume of drinking water was lost in leaks. which represents one billion cubic meters per year. Hence the importance of preserving this precious resource and maintaining the networks that distribute it and evacuate it!

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