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Suspended toilets are fixed by means of a support frame which must be dressed in order to bring a neat and design finish to the installation. Options offered by the manufacturer or custom-made installations... to each its solution for the upholstery of the support frame. Explanations to follow in this article.

A turquoise blue toilet support frame

A turquoise blue toilet support frame

What solutions for the upholstery of the support frame?

Definition: The support frame is a built-in system used for the installation of suspended sanitary fixtures.

The support frame is chosen according to each mounting situation. In fact, it is advisable to think about this dressing before even choosing the support frame, the two elements being very often linked.

For dress the support frame a sanitary suspended (washbasin, wc...) it is possible:

  • to contact the manufacturer of the support frame itself (which may possibly propose dressing solutions to its product);
  • to call on the services of a specialist manufacturer of bathroom furniture;
  • or to resort to the skills of a manufacturer of ready-to-tile panels.

To note: if you wish make yourself the cladding of its support frame, it is better to be experienced and to know all the parameters inherent to this type of installation (nature of the floor, wall support, profiles, incompressible materials, etc.). If in doubt, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional.

Dressing frame for suspended toilets

Economic cladding of a support frame for suspended toilets

  • The solutions of the manufacturer

As seen previously, it sometimes happens that the manufacturers of support frames offer skins that are perfectly adapted to their product. A solution which, if it proves particularly practical, remains however very limited as regards the choice of the design.

  • Panels ready to tile

For those who want this type of dressing, it is recommended to choose a panel kit ready to tile. An economical solution but which requires a redecoupage of the panels to be adapted to the installation.

Suspended toilets and tailor-made upholstery

For a custom-made dressing, it is necessary to contact a manufacturer of bathroom furniture.


  • Addition of additional storage;
  • Personalized design
  • Finishes perfectly accomplished.


A much higher cost which varies according to the installation, the materials used but also the tariffs charged by the manufacturer.

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